Astronomy and Education

Splinter meeting at the Annual Meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft
Stuttgart, Germany, 16-20 September 2019

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The schedule of the talks is preliminary. The final schedule will be announced after the date of final submission.

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Participants and their talks (in alphabetical order):

Speaker Titel

S. Hohmann1
(1University of Siegen, Department of Physics, Observatory)
Stellar requirements for the emergence of life
S. Hüttemeister1, A. Küpper2, A. Rienow3, C. Schult2, J. Holländer1, C. Nadolsky3, J. Schultz3, D. Bomans4 & K. Trimborn5
(1Planetarium Bochum, 2Inst. f. Physikdidaktik, 3Geographisches Inst., 4Astronomisches Inst., 5zdi.NRW)
The New German ESERO Office: An Educational Effort by the European Space Agency ESA
A. Küpper1, A. Schulz2 & T. Hennemann1
(1University of Cologne, 2University of Bonn)
Diversity of astronomical preconceptions in (strong) heterogeneous learning groups in the orientation level (grades 5 and 6) in Germany