Astronomy and Education

Splinter meeting at the Annual Meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft
Stuttgart, Germany, 16-20 September 2019

General Information

Scientific Rationale


"Sharing what we learn about the universe is an investment in our fellow citizens, our institutions, and our future." This citation of the Washington Charter published by the CAP working group of the IAU describes the necessity of communicating astronomy. Although this statement is very true, we should be aware of the right moment to start the investment in astronomy education – in the childhood or the adolescence at the latest. Especially young people need a sound knowledge of natural sciences in order to realize the saturation limits they have to face now and in the future and to counteract the exploitation of the natural resources of the Earth. This knowledge is very incomplete without astronomical education that clarifies the true proportions in the universe and the connections behind the universal cycles of matter and energy. Besides helping pupils to evolve into a self-determined person, astronomy education wakens interests in natural sciences especially astronomy and engages them to become a professional astronomer.

The Bildungsausschuss of the Astronomische Gesellschaft has embarked on this splinter meeting to bring together young scientists working on the broad field of astronomy education. The aim of this splinter session is to exchange knowledge, experiences and ideas of how to bring fundamental issues and latest research into the classroom. In addition students working on their Exams or PhDs get the possibility to present and discuss their thesis and to get into contact with each other.